• 1

    When will my order arrive?

    Express shipping takes 2 days for the parcel to be delivered and normal shipping takes 4 days for the delivery to be completed.

  • 2

    Do i have to sign to collect the parcel?

    It is up to sign to request a signature upon delivery or not. Usually we ship the parcels anonymously so you no need to sign to receive the parcel for your safety and privacy.

  • 3

    Do I need some prescription to buy pills or medications from your site?

    Absolutely no,you do not need any prescription to order drugs or medications in our website. But, we will strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a medication.

  • 4

    Do you send to my country?

    We ship to all states in USA,South America,Europe,Asia,Africa. For countries out of these please contact us before placing your order

  • 5

    How do we send your order?

    All orders are sent in unsuspected packages. No one will know what's in the parcel. All orders are vacuum packed which is smell proof.

  • 6

    Can i track my order?

    All orders are traceable on our mailing website to better ensure discreetness and comfort of the customer. When we send out your order, we will email you the tracking number of your parcel.

  • 7

    How will my parcel look?

    The appearance of your parcel will be confidential. There will be not any information of the contents on the outside of the package

  • 8

    What happen if i no receive my parcel?

    If you do not receive your parcel,we offer you a partial refund and we reship the item.